Monday, October 17, 2016

Gratitude-O-Meter 16 October 2016

  1. Warm, sunny, a light breeze blowing - that's a perfect Sunday afternoon. And add to that, the rhapsody of a few fluttering butterflies. It's the perfect picture that mother nature has come up with. And that is precisely what i had the pleasure of witnessing. Butterflies make me happy beyond doubt. These carefree bundles hippity hopping across my backyard provided me with the perfect afternoon amusement. Especially a white one which happened to flutter about forming a beautiful tapestry in the invisible air.
  2. I finally got a hold of my lazy inertia and managed to start on and complete the initial draft of my work presentation with ease. Once i started, the ideas just kept flowing.
  3. I read a wonderful book on Gratitude today. Also, thanks to Amazon Kindle, i started reading 'The Last Unicorn' again. I loved reading it before and i am certainly enjoying the read again.
  4. I started with my gratitude jar practice today with my husband. Just like a child filled with wonder, I am certainly looking forward to some wonderful moments of amazement, wonder and magic when i do my practice everyday with him.
  5. I listened to some wonderful old songs on you tube today. They brought back some warm memories which made me smile.

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